G4 12 x 5630 SMD LED Light Bulb 12v DC Warm & Cool White = 20-25w Halogen

Product Description

G4 12v DC 12 x 5630 Super Bright SMD LEDs 2.8w

This G4 LED using 12 x 5630 SMD LEDs is far superior in brightness compared to older type G4 LEDs.  At least double the lumens of the 5050 SMD type LEDs the 5630 SMD really is a super advancement for light output in G4 LEDs.  This is becoming widely used in various applications.  This lamp is a genuine replacement for a 20-25w Halogen.  Suitable for use with various G4 under cabinet lights in kitchens, display cabinets, desk lamps, caravans, motor homes and various marine and sea vessels such as barges, other canal boats, fishing boats, yachts and much more.

Available in

Warm White 3000k (280 Lumens)

Cool White 6000k (300 Lumens)

Vendor : Leonlighting