5m Non-Waterproof LED Strip Light Warm or Cool White 12v DC 3528 SMD LEDs with 30w non-waterproof LED Driver

Product Description

5m 24w LED Strip Light 12v DC 60 x 3528 SMD LEDs & 30w LED Driver 2.5A

This 5m LED strip light is ideal for various uses in and outside the home or business premises and is also ideal for Caravans, Motorhomes and various types of Boats from Yachts to Barges. Also widely used in kitchens and bathrooms.  With 30,000 hours life expectancy you can use this light without having to replace it for years. This item can also be cut every 50mm (5cm) which is every 3 LEDs. Using a sharp soldering iron you can re-connect with suitable wiring and solder very easily if you have adequate experience using soldering irons and wiring. This item is prewired at one end for connection to a sutable LED Driver . This can be run straight from a 12v DC power supply.

Please see 30w Non-Waterproof LED Driver page for full description of the LED Driver.

Please note

You will receive 1 x 5m Strip Light in chosen colour and 1 x 30w non-waterproof LED Driver


Warm White 3000k

Cool White 6000k

Vendor : Leonlighting