12v DC LED Power Supply LED Driver Transformer 12w for LED Strip Lights

Product Description

Non Waterproof LED Power Supplies for use with various 12v DC LED Strip lights, downlights and lightbulbs.  Use to power a wide range of 12v LED products such as LED strip lights, LED under cabinet lights, LED light bulbs and such like.  Most commonly used with the 3528 & 5050 SMD Strip lights.  Below you can see maximum lengths we recommend to power the 3528 SMD Strip lights as an example of the maximum power to use to obtain maximum life expectancy of the LED Drivers & your 12v DC LED Product

Below are examples based on our 3528 SMD Strip lights which have 60 LEDs per meter and are 4.8w per meter

  • 12w Driver can run a maximum of 2m of the 3528 SMD Strips which is 9.6w-10w Max


  • 12w Non-Waterproof LED Driver


Model No MF090009 0.5-12w

AC 220-240v- 50/60Hz 0.1A

SEC: 12v DC 1A
Output Power 12w Max
Output Current DC 1A 
Length 92mm
Width 41mm
Depth 20mm
Max Case Temp 80°C
Max Ambient Temp 40°C
Pack Quantity 1 Driver













Free 12 month replacement warranty supplied with this product.

Vendor : Leonlighting

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