G4 12v Eco Halogen Lamps Lightbulbs 16w = 20w Clear 5 10 0r 20 Pack Available

Product Description

G4 16w Clear 12v Halogen Capsule bulbs

This G4 Eco Lamp produces 20w of light but uses only 16w of power.  Its a small saving but its definitely a saving!  Used in various G4 Lamps and widely used in kitchen cupboard downlights, bedroom cabinet lights, and also commonly used in Motorhomes and many types of boats & barges.   Ideal light source for motorhome or boat conversion.

Our G4 ECO Halogen Bulbs use only 16w of Power and Produces 20w of Light Output.  Can be powered by 12c DC or 12v AC power supply

Vendor : Leonlighting