GU10 LED light Bulb 5w High Power COB LED 220-240v Warm White 3000k or Cool White 6000k UV & IR Free

Product Description

GU10 5w LEDs available in Warm & Cool White 220-240v

GU10 5w COB LED Light Bulb Warm White 3000k

GU10 5w COB LED Light Bulb Cool White 6000k

This low energy consumption GU10 5w LED lamp is an ideal and genuine replacement for a GU10 50w Halogen Lamp.  This particular lamp is ideal for high ceilings.  You will see no difference in light when you change your 50w halogens to 5w COB LED Lamps.  This retrofittable GU10 LED light bulb is suitable for use with 99% of halogen downlights, ceiling lights and desk lamps.  This lamp is Mercury free.  This lamp is also produces UV & IR free light for less heat and and protection.  This lamp has a life expectancy of 20-30,000 hours. 

Available in Warm White & Cool White

1 - 5 - 10 & 20 Packs Available

Vendor : Leonlighting

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