LED display cabinet Strip Light Cool & Warm White 12vdc

Product Description

Please note the variations in this listing.  Each variation price is for one strip light of the specified length in the variation.  We have 30cm, 50cm and 1m lengths in this lot.  Postage price is set the same for all lengths.  If you select one item then you will receive one strip of the length chosen.

Super Bright High Power SMD LED strip light with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours.  This LED strip light really does have a massive array of uses in both the home, car, boat, caravan, motorhome, canal boat, cabinet lighting, window lighting, in or outdoors and so much more.  It just goes on and on the amount of different uses this strip light has.  Connects straight to a 12v DC power supply or can be used with any of our LED drivers. 


Colour Warm & Cool White
Width 1cm
Length 30cm, 50cm & 1m
Power 12v dc
Cap/Base Prewired 
Lumens 100Lm, 180Lm, & 360Lm 
Finish 18, 30 & 60 x 3528 SMD LEDs
Wattage 1.5w, 3w, 5w
Beam Angle 120°
Life Expectancy 50,000 hrs +
Pack Quantity 1 Strip












Vendor : leonlighting