MR11 12v LED Lamp 12v AC DC 11-18v 9 x 5630 SMD LEDs Warm or Cool White 1.3w = to 10w 20w Halogen Lightbulbs 35mm Diameter

Product Description

MR11 LED Light Bulb Warm White 3000k or Cool White 6000k

9 x 5630 SMD LEDs 12v AC or DC with 11v-18v voltage range and only 1.3w

MR11 LED lamp with new type 5630 SMD LEDs for that little bit more light output.  Only 1.3w this super low energy lamp is an ideal replacement for your 10w or 20w Halogen lamp.  Available in warm and cool white to suit any room for all applications.  This lamp is a direct replacement.  No need to change your halogen transformer and because this lamp has a wide voltage range it also makes it ideal for motorhomes, barges, boats and caravans running on 12v circuits.  Boats, barges and motorhomes sometimes run on 14v or reach this voltage on start up so these lamps are ideal for this type of applicatoin. 

Also as the lamps are able to run on AC DC circuit they are great for home or business use and no need to change your transformer to an LED Driver.  We do reccomend all 12v LEDs not powered by a direct 12v power supply use LED Drivers as LEDs see a better life span when run on a 12v DC circuit.  However these lamps are compatible for low wattage AC transformers (10w-30w) rated.

Pack Sizes available

1 - 5 - 10 & 20 Packs


Vendor : Leonlighting

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