New Slimline SWEEPOVAC Kitchen Plinth Vacuum Cleaner with Kick Switch & Auto Safety Cut Out

Product Description

The New Slimline Sweepovac with Clip on Hose

The Slimline Sweepovac is a plinth vacuum which the dust can be swept up toward the unit and with a hit of the switch with the brush the dust will disappear into the re-usable dust bag. It also comes with the convenience of an add-on extendable hose so you can use it like you would a regular vacuum.

This item is also ideal for your caravan or motorhome when connected to mains on site.  With its clip on connection hose this is an ideal necessity for any kitchen in your home, caravan or motorhome.

Replacement bags also available.

  • Versatile vacuum perfect for kitchen or utility rooms and a complete vacuum solution for caravans, motor homes and holiday homes
  • Features clip-in hose extending from 1.8 to 5.5 m complete with 3 attachments
  • Easy to fit and maintenance free
  • Reduces household work -no bending and no dustpan
  • Immediate removal of dirt, ideal for keeping pet hairs under control
  • Powerful suction, can be used to suck debris off brush head
  • Re-usable dust bags
  • Bags are easy to remove and can hold up to 12 weeks of sweepings


Powerful 650 W motor
Kick switch for turning on or off
With bag full light indicator
Re-usable dust bag
Safety cut out - switch turns off automatically after 10 seconds


For minimum plinth height 100 mm
80 mm clearance from carpet required
Plinth cut-out required: 342 x 94 mm (template provided)


342 x 94 mm


99 mm


457 mm


377 mm


2 years
Vendor : Leonlighting