Universal AC/DC 3 Pin Plug In Power Source / LED Driver / For LED Strip Lights

Product Description

AC / DC Universal Plug & Free Female DC Adaptor

Ideal Plug-In Power Source for LED Strip Lights

Model no: LYD1202000
Input Voltage AC 100-240v - 50/60Hz Max: 0.5A
Output Voltage 12v DC 1.5A
Output Power 15w max
Female DC Adaptor
Dimensions 39 x 13 x 12mm
Centre Hole 2.1mm
Diameter 5.5mm
Shaft Length 10mm
Pack Quantity

1 AC/DC Plug & 1 DC Female Adaptor














Universal AC/DC Power Source & Free Female 2.1mm x 5.5mm Plug and Screw Terminal

Please note!!

We recommend this AC/DC plug for use with our LED Strip lights although you must not exceed our recommendations below

For the 4.8w (60 LED) Per meter 3528 SMD Strips you must not exceed 3m of strip lights

For the 7.2w (30 LED) Per meter 5050 SMD Strips you must not exceed 2m of strip lights

Can also be used with most CCTV Camera's

Please ensure you do not exceed 15w of power when used with our strips as you will burn out the plug prematurely due to over powering the plug

Due to customer demand we have added this plug and adaptor to our product lines as this is the easiest way to power our LED Strips lights.  Just please ensure to stick to the above recommendations.


Free 12 month replacement warranty supplied with this product


Vendor : Phillips